Natural Shield

Natural dual protection against blue-light pollution

What is blue light?
Blue light is the portion of the visible spectrum that ranges from 400 to 500 nm; it absorbs in the region of blue and is a component of daylight radiation. The blue portion of sunlight is stronger during the first half of the day, and gradually decreases towards the evening. It is also released by light-emitting diode (LED) devices as smartphones, computer screens, and tablets. The urban lifestyle subjects the skin to both environmental and indoor blue-light pollution.

How does blue light pollute the skin?
The blue-light spectrum is close to the UVA region, and penetrates deep dermal layers, causing structural damage. The blue-light spectrum is close to the UV region, and seems behave in a similar way to UVA. Neither cause visible changes to the appearance of the skin (irritation, erythema) after a single application, but daily exposure could cause photoageing and loss of elasticity, sub inflammation (ROS, MMp-1, IL-8 formation – Liebel F. 2012) and uneven skin (lentigo, wrinkles, etc.).

How can blue-light pollution be prevented?
A good daily skincare routine should reduce the effect of blue-light radiation on the skin, like a sun filter might do, which is better than trying to repair damage once it has occurred. If blue radiation does not consistently reach the skin, the damage will not occur because skin-detoxifying systems prevent inflammatory cascades or free radical reaction chains from starting.

This is how solar filters work; they reduce how much sun radiation passes through the skin, thereby reducing critical damage to nuclear, cellular or extracellular systems which means that the sun had a lower impact on the epidermis.
As a result, the skin is protected from ageing, and unevenness.

This treatment should preferably be natural and have a high tolerability.

NioSkin™ Bilberry and NioSkin™ Red Clover RCL40 protect against blue-light pollution
By measuring the transmittance of blue light (HEV–high energy visible) at 400-500 nm through the sample, following a validated method to determinate SPF in vitro (ISO 24443:2012), we can measure the ability of the natural complex contained in NioSKin™ Bilberry and NioSKin™ Red Clover RCL40 to reduce the passage of blue rays. The average value usually obtained for solar products is around 25%, an index of a very good protective power.

NioSkin™ Bilberry, the natural anthocyanin complex for global protection against pollution
NioSkin™ Bilberry protects the skin from blue-light pollution by blocking 20% of the blue light compared to the blank.

NioSkin™ Bilberry efficacy proof:
Reduction in the size of bags under the eyes, dark circles, skin elasticity, hydration, an improved skin barrier, protection against pollution, and protection against blue-light pollution.

NioSkin™ Red Clover RCL40, urban skincare for fast-paced lifestyles
NioSkin™ Red Clover RCL40 can reduce the passage of blue light by 30% compared to the blank.

NioSkin™ Red Clover RCL40 efficacy proof:
Fewer and smaller wrinkles, texture, smoothness, thickness, density, elasticity, an improved skin barrier, and protection against blue-light pollution.

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